Dillingham residents organize a 'March for Science'

March 18th 5:01 pm

A group of Dillingham residents is organizing a 'March for Science' this spring in conjunction with the international effort to show support for science. The effort will likely include a walk around downtown Dillingham, and a component that encourages people [...]

Legislature tackles board of fisheries appointments

March 18th 5:01 pm

Alaska lawmakers have about one-third of the regular legislative session left to finish their work, and the to-do list does not appear to be getting any shorter. The agenda for the final 30 days includes confirmation of board appointments, consideration of [...]

Bogoslof volcano sends ash over Unalaska in 3-hour eruption

March 18th 5:00 pm

An intense, sustained eruption of Bogoslof volcano in the Aleutian Islands sent up a cloud that caused minor ashfall in Unalaska but didn't significantly affect aviation over the Gulf of Alaska on Wednesday. According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, [...]

Destination fundraiser to be held at Rat Saloon

March 18th 4:59 pm

The Bering Sea snow crab fishery was marred by tragedy in February, with the sinking of the Destination, and the loss of all six crewmembers. A fundraiser for their families is set for Friday at 7 p.m. at the Norwegian Rat Saloon in Unalaska, with a bell [...]

Nushagak AC hears updates on wolf study, caribou management

March 18th 4:59 pm

Wildlife managers in Bristol Bay are trying to get a better sense of the area's wolf population and its impacts on moose. Pat Walsh, a biologist at the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, talked about a wolf collaring study currently underway at the March [...]

Four BBNC board seats up for election

March 18th 4:58 pm

Bristol Bay Native Corporation is looking for individuals interested in filling four seats on its board of directors. In October, four current board members will have their terms expire. Those are Joe Chythlook, Karl Hill, Dorothy Larson and Russell Nelson. [...]

Troopers say several recent incidents are alcohol-related

March 18th 4:58 pm

Alaska State Troopers have said multiple recent incidents in Bristol Bay have been alcohol-related. Even Brandon, 25, was arrested in Dillingham March 8 for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol after someone reported that he could be drunk [...]

Pedro Bay Corp. announces special dividend

March 18th 4:57 pm

Pedro Bay Corporation shareholders will receive an extra dividend this spring. The village corporation declared the dividend Feb. 22. Shareholders of record as of Feb. 14 will receive $25 per share within 30 days. In a statement, the corporation wrote that [...]

Seavey wins Fish First award, again

March 18th 4:57 pm

For the second year in a row, a long-time Iditarod musher will take home the prize for being the first to make it to Kaltag. Mitch Seavey will receive 25 pounds of Bristol Bay salmon fillets and $2,000 from the Bristol Bay Native Corporation for leading the [...]

Fish Factor: Environmental scientists face big budget cuts

March 18th 4:55 pm

Massive cuts could be in store for the agencies and people who provide the science and stewardship to preserve and protect our planet. The budget proposed by Donald Trump that starts in October puts on the chopping block the agencies and staff in charge of [...]

Murkowski, Sullivan say no to proposed Coast Guard cuts

March 18th 4:55 pm

WASHINGTON — Alaska's Republican senators won't support proposed major budget cuts for the U.S. Coast Guard, they told the White House Office of Management and Budget in a letter following reports of major cuts in President Donald Trump's draft budget.

Finland is taking over Arctic Council, climate leadership from U.S.

March 18th 4:54 pm

When the Arctic Council leadership passes from the United States to Finland in May, will President Trump and his denial of climate change pose problems for the eight-nation body and its work to protect the circumpolar environment? Probably not, says a [...]

Alaska stands to lose with major cuts to EPA budget

March 18th 4:53 pm

WASHINGTON — Potential budget cuts aimed at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could pull millions of dollars for drinking water and wastewater initiatives from Alaska, slowing the progress of potable water in villages, and limiting efforts to [...]

Alaska caribou avoiding food 'mismatch' problems

March 18th 4:53 pm

On the tundra of northern Alaska, spring is coming earlier and plants are sprouting earlier, but migrating caribou are not missing out on the high-quality food plants they need in spring and early summer, new research shows. A study led by the U.S. [...]

Ten things Alaska senators discussed with Trump and Zinke

March 18th 4:51 pm

WASHINGTON — Alaska's senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, as she is wont to do, brought her maps with her to a meeting in the Oval Office on Wednesday. Sen. Dan Sullivan brought the numbers. Together, they aimed to show President Donald Trump and [...]

Governor seeks 'Choose Respect' posters from kids

March 18th 4:51 pm

A contest is underway for students across Alaska to design posters related to the Choose Respect campaign. Started under former Gov. Sean Parnell, the initiative is meant to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault in the state by [...]

Opinion: What does free speech mean to people in the U.S., anyway?

March 18th 4:50 pm

Freedom of speech is one of those human rights that we all take for granted, perhaps more than any other, especially when it comes to the right to discuss, disagree and protest the policies that govern our lives. In the United States, that right is [...]

Opinion: Teens march for civics and salmon

March 18th 4:50 pm

My coach always tells us, "You're not always going to be playing basketball, but you'll carry your education around for the rest of your life." I try to take this saying to heart. I've lived in Unalaska for my entire life and every day I see how my education [...]

Opinion: Jury says APD owes detectives who claimed prejudice

March 18th 4:49 pm

Two former detectives said the Anchorage Police Department pushed corruption allegations against them because they had complained of racial discrimination. After hearing their story, a jury on Tuesday awarded each almost $1 million. "I wanted my name back, [...]

Opinion: Budget amendments can't hide $3 billion question

March 18th 4:37 pm

Don't confuse the hundreds of unsuccessful budget amendments floated by North Pole Rep. Tammie Wilson with a coherent plan to cut the budget by hundreds of millions. Not even close. While Wilson thinks offering 243 budget amendments is worthy of balloons, [...]

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