Halibut hit the docks in Bristol Bay

May 26th 12:57 am

In between herring and salmon, a couple of dozen Bristol Bay boats head out for halibut. This short, small fishery gives the skippers an economic boost, and local consumers some much appreciated fresh catch. The F/V Eagle Two was sitting alone in the [...]

'Deadliest Catch' cameras captured addiction

May 26th 12:57 am

Nick McGlashan's lowest point as an addict came last fall, while the "Deadliest Catch" cameras were rolling. McGlashan, who spent his childhood between the remote Aleutian village of Akutan and the commercial fishing hub of Dutch Harbor, had been working on [...]

Dillingham police solve Grant Aviation burglaries

May 26th 12:56 am

Dillingham Police say they have solved a string of burglaries at the Grant Aviation terminal this spring. An 18-year-old has been arrested and arraigned on a number of felony charges, and two 17-year-olds are facing charges through the Division of Juvenile [...]

Troopers: Pilot Point man missing since late April

May 26th 12:56 am

 A young man from Pilot Point is listed as missing by the Alaska State Troopers. Gust Griechen IV, 25, has not been seen since late April. His sister, Breanna Griechen, said Friday authorities do not believe he left the village by plane.  "The troopers [...]

DCSD Superintendent Danny Frazier to retire at end of June

May 26th 12:55 am

Dillingham City Schools will begin a search for a new top administrator for next year. Superintendent Danny Frazier used Monday's school board meeting, the last of the year, to confirm the rumor that he is stepping down. "After 27 years in education, I am [...]

Pebble seats new advisory committee of supporters, skeptics, and experts

May 26th 12:54 am

The Pebble Partnership announced last Thursday that is has officially formed a new advisory committee in an effort to expand its engagement with stakeholders.  "We're putting together an advisory committee to help advise us on a range of issues regarding [...]

Pacific walrus return to Cape Greig

May 26th 12:54 am

 Last year thousands of Pacific walrus unexpectedly showed up at Cape Greig north of Ugashik Bay, delighting sightseers but complicating fishing and shipping in the busy fishing district. When they left in the fall, biologists were not sure if they would be [...]

Nushagak River running low, complicating barge traffic

May 26th 12:53 am

Last winter was cold but dry, and now the small spring runoff is leaving water levels low around Southwest Alaska. Residents along the Nushagak River say the water level is the lowest it's been in years. "I have been out here 25 plus years and it is the [...]

Habitat protection would turn tables on miners

May 26th 12:52 am

A new citizens initiative being prepared for the 2018 ballot would add protections for salmon habitat in the face of big projects like the proposed Pebble mine and provide more opportunities for public comment on new developments. The initiative petition, [...]

Legislature OKs all but one of Walker's appointees

May 26th 12:52 am

JUNEAU — Alaska lawmakers on Tuesday voted to confirm 97 of Gov. Bill Walker's 98 appointees to executive branch positions — with the sole exception of Drew Phoenix, a transgender man appointed to the state commission that protects human rights.

Fish Factor: Budget limbo could leave salmon managers hanging

May 26th 12:51 am

Alaska salmon managers are hoping for the best and planning for the worst as lawmakers extend into a third special session to try and agree on a state budget. It is the third year in a row they have not finished their legislative session on time due to budget [...]

Two volcanos erupt just hours apart, after months of inactivity

May 26th 12:50 am

An eruption at Bogoslof volcano — one of two to erupt in the Aleutian Islands Tuesday — is its first after more than two months of inactivity, causing ash to fall in a nearby community before drifting south over the Pacific Ocean. The Alaska [...]

Contaminants give clues to health of the north

May 26th 12:49 am

FAIRBANKS — An environmental mystery lies in the remote Aleutian chain, the archipelago that stretches to Asia: Why do endangered Steller sea lions, birds and marine and freshwater fish in America's westernmost islands have bodies with elevated levels [...]

Iditarod toughens restrictions on hauling dogs, keeps cell phones

May 26th 12:49 am

Iditarod mushers who want to haul resting dogs during next year's 1,000-mile race to Nome will face further restrictions, following a vote by the Iditarod Board of Directors on Friday. In the 4-3 vote, the board decided that mushers can only carry dogs in [...]

Murkowski bolsters Interior Department deputy nominee

May 26th 12:48 am

WASHINGTON — Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski pledged to move President Donald Trump's nominee to be No. 2 at the Interior Department, David Bernhardt, through his Senate confirmation at an energy committee hearing Thursday. Bernhardt caught some grief [...]

Walker orders special session to deal with budget

May 26th 12:48 am

JUNEAU — The 121st day of the Alaska Legislature's session started with a lot of questions: Would lawmakers help people who wanted Uber and Lyft and pass the ride-hailing bill? Comply with the federal Real ID Act's mandates for driver's licenses so [...]

State needs help fighting 'blob' above Dalton Highway

May 26th 12:47 am

In a race against time, state transportation officials plan to move a nearly mile-long section of the Dalton Highway so it doesn't get T-boned by a giant mass of frozen debris believed to have been oozing downhill like a glacier for hundreds of years.

Legislature opens Alaska to ride-hailing companies

May 26th 12:47 am

JUNEAU - The Alaska Senate passed a bill Wednesday that will allow ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to expand into the state. House Bill 132, which passed the House on Monday, will go to Gov. Bill Walker's desk for his signature after Wednesday's [...]

Dutch Harbor grad earns BP Principals Scholarship

May 26th 12:46 am

Taylor Holman, a graduating senior from the Unalaska High School, received a $4,000 scholarship and is among 25 statewide winners of the BP Principals Scholarship program. Since 1985, BP has awarded more than $3.8 million to 825 Alaska students who have [...]

Bill that aims to combat opioid epidemic passes House

May 26th 12:46 am

After recently issuing a disaster declaration for the ongoing opioid epidemic in Alaska, Gov. Bill Walker and the Alaska House of Representatives passed House Bill 159 on Monday by a vote of 25-8. The state medical examiner recently confirmed that three [...]

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