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OPINION: Letter to the Editor

February 9th 7:17 pm | Mayor Frank Kelty Print this article   Email this article  

Mayor addresses recall

To the Unalaska residents, my response to the petitioner's comments in the Jan. 18 Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman is this:

The Unalaska Community Broadcastings investigation showed no proof of any wrong-doing on my part. The petitioners haven't proven their case, and they haven't offered up any proof.

They don't even talk about the allegation that is on the ballot anymore. I do take exception with one comment by Ms. (Erin) Anderson questioning my ability to represent the community effectually anymore.

I traveled to Washington, D.C., in October on the city's federal lobbying trip and it went very well. I have received numerous calls from state legislators telling me they hope that I overcome this recall and that they hope to continue to work with me. I'm well-respected across this state and have always done a great job representing this community.

I will continue to support a preferential use agreement at the Unalaska Marine Center dock facility for any carrier that wants to serve the community, but we must support the carrier that brings in the mail, food and northbound supplies for the community. I will not apologize for that, because I believe it's the right thing to do; Unalaska has to retire a $40-million bond for the UMC upgrade that has to be paid back in 30 years.

The UMC is also of critical importance for the people that work on the waterfront in this community; and to their families that live here. I have always served Unalaska with honesty, integrity and to the best of my ability. I would ask for your continued support.

Please vote on March 6 and vote no!

This situation has been tough on me and my family, but when I was in Washington, D.C., in October, I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, one of Dr. Kings' quotes that I took a picture of and has great meaning to me, especially during this recall process, reads as follows:

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at the times of challenge and controversy." —Martin Luther King, 1963

Mayor Frank Kelty



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