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Pereat, Henning lead Raiders to 3rd in Homer

September 22nd, 2017 | Tommy Wells Print this article   Email this article  

Michael Pereat and Blaine Henning both raced their way to top 15 finishes on Saturday and helped carry the Unalaska High School boys' cross-country team to a third-place finish at the Homer Spit Trials. Overall, six teams from throughout the region participated in the race, which was held on the Homer Spit on Sept. 16.

Pereat, a sophomore standout, highlighted the Raiders' efforts during the meet. He shattered his previous best in a 5-kilometer race en route to finishing 10th overall in the individual standings. He completed the course in a time of 17 minutes and 29.6 seconds.

Henning also got in on the record-breaking act. He legged out a personal-best en route to placing 15th at 17:49.0.

Trevor Wilson, Henry Simmonds and senior Talon Shaishnikoff rounded out the Raiders' scoring. A junior, Wilson turned in a time of 17:59.8 and placed 16th overall. Simmonds finished 26th with a mark of 18:50.0, while Shaishnikoff was 31st at 19:06.8.

Shaishnikoff's time in the race also established a new personal-best for him in a 3.1-mile race.

Raul Garcia, Chris Garcia and Bruce Tan also competed in the race for the Raiders.

Soldotna claimed the team championship with 26 points. Homer edged out Unalaska for second.

Varsity Division: BOYS

TEAM STANDINGS - 1. Soldotna 26, 2. Homer 41, 3. Unalaska 88, 4. Seward 105, 5. Kenai Central 139, 6. Nikiski 147.

Individual Results

1. Jacob Davis, Homer 16:29.1

2. Lance Chilton, Soldotna 16:39.7

3. Sean Verg-in, Soldotna 16:47.5

4. Neil Lindquist, Seward 16:51.3

5. Koby Vinson, Soldotna 16:54.6

6. Jordan Beachy, Homer 16:55.6

7. Josh Shuler, Soldotna 17:01.4

8. Luciano Fasulo, Homer 17:16.7

9. Mekbeb Denbrock, Soldotna 17:27.2

10. Michael Pereat, Unalaska 17:29.6

11. Bradley Walters, Soldotna 17:33.0

12. Bill Rich, Homer 17:45.1

13. Karl Danielson, Kenai Central 17:48.5

14. Denver Waclawski, Homer 17:48.8

15. Blaine Henning, Unalaska 17:49.0

16. Trevor Wilson, Unalaska 17:59.8

17. Ethan Anderson, Homer 18:08.4

18. Jack Harris, Soldotna 18:09.2

19. Bechler Metcalf, Soldotna 18:10.6

20. Mose Hayes, Homer 18:11.2

21. John-Mark Pothast, Soldotna 18:19.5

22. Evan Stockton, Kenai Central 18:20.9

23. Zachary Trail, Nikolaevsk 18:24.4

24. Jaden Van Dyke, Seward 18:32.6

25. Chance Reynolds, Soldotna 18:36.9

26. Henry Simmonds, Unalaska 18:50.0

27. Jode Sparks, Soldotna 18:51.4

28. Samuel Koster, Seward 18:52.7

29. Brendan McMurray, Seward 18:54.9

30. Clayton Beachy, Homer 18:56.5

31. Talon Shaishnikoff, Unalaska 19:06.8

32. Travis Coffey, Homer 19:10.1

33. Dexter Lowe, Homer 19:12.2

34. Anchor Musgrave, Soldotna 19:12.2

35. Aaron McCollum, Nikiski 19:15.0

36. Bryan McCollum, Nikiski 19:15.7

37. Gavin Wallis, Nikiski 19:33.4

38. Joseph Yourkoski, Nikiski 19:34.1

39. Raul Garcia, Unalaska 19:41.3

40. Michael Trail, Nikolaevsk 19:44.4


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