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OPINION: A heartfelt thank you from 75th anniversary veterans

August 11th, 2017 | Allison Everett Print this article   Email this article  

The following quotes are submitted via e-mail on behalf of veteran individuals and are inspired by a request from Attu and Kiska U.S. Army veteran, Clint Goodwin, as a means to send a thank you message to all who made the 75th-anniversary event possible and so very successful.

As many of the veterans do not have access to e-mail, we submit a combined message from some of the participants in heartfelt appreciation for all you have done to make such a positive impact and a grand memorable experience for all in attendance.

"After returning home from the Dutch Harbor event I got to thinking about what an awesome trip it was . . .and what it meant to return 75 years later and be there again. It was just an absolute awesome thing to have happen, and that's the reason why I'm saying this little message to you guys. Thank you for all the planning and work that you did to make this thing possible. Thank you so much!"

— Clint Goodwin, Attu and Kiska Veteran, U.S. Army, 807th Engineers

"Thank you for hosting us at the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Dutch Harbor event, and I appreciate the hospitality of everyone there. Everyone we came in contact with were just...super hosts."

- Joe Sasser, Attu and Kiska Veteran, U.S. Army

"Being up at Dutch Harbor, and being able to meet the small group of other veterans that were able to make it - meeting with all of these fellows - it was great. Then at the events I could not believe the applause and recognition given to us. Having that final dinner at the hotel restaurant with other veterans and their families it was - as far as I'm concerned - out of this world. I can imagine all the time spent to arrange all of this and want to thank all of those who were involved. "

— Allan Seroll, Attu and Kiska Veteran, U.S. Army

"I learned a lot from the evacuees - the Aleut that were evacuated and how they weren't treated well. I was glad to learn more history of the Aleutian people."

— Paul Schaughency, Attu and Kiska Veteran, U.S. Army

"It was a great educational experience to visit Dutch Harbor and interact with not only the veterans but the evacuees. I think I learned more in those two or three days about the history of what happened up there during the war . . . a war that so few people know about. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to experience this."

— Les Crider, Accompanying Veteran Paul Schaughency

Allison Everett is a 75th Anniversary Dutch Harbor Bombing and Aleut Evacuation and Relocation Committee member, Veterans sub-committee.


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