Unalaska's top female athlete Kaye Gumera, placed fourth in the high kick event during the 2017 Native Youth Olympics state meet. Unalaska finished second to Mat-Su in the final team standings. - Sam Towarak

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Unalaska athletes shine at Native Youth Olympics

May 5th, 2017 | Tommy Wells, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman Print this article   Email this article  

Kaye Gumera earned a special place in Unalaska's Native Youth Olympics annuals this past weekend. En route to placing in four events, the Unalaska standout netted her second straight top female athlete honors while helping lead her team to a second-place finish at the 2017 Native Youth Olympics state meet.

Unalaska finished second to Mat-Su in the final team standings. Anchorage, the Lower Kuskokwim School District and Mount Edgecumbe rounded out the top five squads.

Gumera was a one-person scoring machine for Unalaska. She rolled up eight points by finishing second in the Scissors Broad Jump competition on Friday. She might have done even better had it not been for a world-record effort from Mat-Su's Madeline Ko. Gumera posted a jump of 29 feet and 4 inches in the event.

Ko, however, managed to stretch out a mark of 30-1, breaking her own state and world record of 29-6.25.

Gumera came back strong on Saturday in the One-Foot High Kick event. She tied Lake and Peninsula's star Kaia Beebe for third with a kick of 88 inches. Gumera claimed third, however, having reached 88 inches in fewer attempts.

The Unalaska star also finished fourth in the Two-Foot High Kick and fifth in the One-Hand Reach.

Jon Villena and Trevor Wilson aided Unalaska's scoring totals with second-place marks in their respective events. Villena finished second in the boys' One-Hand Reach with a height of 64 inches. ... one inch shy of Aniak's Braden Dallman's winning mark of 65.

Wilson was second to Mat-Su's Noah Brown in the 2-Foot High Kick. Wilson recorded a kick of 90 inches - just 2 inches behind Brown's gold-medal mark of 92.

Matt Faoasua and Faizar Cayron both grabbed bronze medals at the meet. Faoasua was third in the boys' Eskimo Stick Pull, while Cayron was third in the Indian Stick Pull.

Carter Price also did well, finishing fifth in the 1-Foot High Kick.

Dillingham's Britney Dray and Southwest Region's Monica Ishnook also turned in spectacular efforts at the meet. Dray finished third in the girls' Seal Hop with a mark of 120-2. Ishnook was third in the girls' Eskimo Stick Pull.

2017 State NYO Championship

Saturday's results

Indian stick pull

Girls — 1) Laura Ekada, Mount Edgecumbe; 2) Tatiana Tickner, Anchorage team A; 3) Miya Page, Kotzebue; 4) Chloe Phillips, Anchorage team B; 5) Nellie Stone, Nenana.

Boys — 1) Elvis Reyes, Anchorage team A; 2) Eric Fitka, Galena ILA; 3) Faizar Cayron, Unalaska; 4) Iverson Moonin, Nanwalek; 5) Jaden Ulroan, Chevak.

One-foot high kick

Girls — 1) Julianne Wilson, Kenaitze, 90 inches (0 misses); 2) Madi Ko, Mat Su A, 90 (2 misses); 3) Kaye Gumera, Unalaska, 88 (3 misses); 4) Kaia Beebe, LPSD, 88 (4 misses); 5) Milya Wright, Barrow, 86 (1 miss).

Boys — 1) Kaiden Jimenez, Mat Su A, 106 (0 misses); 2) Clevon Constantine, Bethel, 104 (0 misses); 3) Arctic Ivanoff, BSSD, 104 (2 misses)/100; 4) Isaiah Charles, Lower Kuskokwim, 100/101 (1 miss); 5) Carter Price, Unalaska, 100/101 (2 misses).

Seal hop

Girls — 1) Julianne Wilson, Kenaitze, 123-3.75; 2) Adeline Dyment, Mt. Edgecumbe, 121-3.75; 3) Britney Dray, Dillingham, 120-2; 4) Denise Uttereyuk, Lower Yukon, 118-3; Jenny Klebesedal, Mat-Su A, 116-9.

Boys — 1) Jaden Anaver, Lower Kuskokwim, 156-9.5; 2) Brandon Asicksik, Anchorage A, 117-6.75; 3) Sean Martin, Anchorage B, 116-10; 4) Edward Atcherian, Chevak, 99-8; 5) Shelby Samuel, Mt. Edgecumbe, 97-3.5

Friday's results

Alaskan high kick

Girls — 1) Tara Agwiak, LYSD, 77 inches; 2) Ashley Mute, Bethel, 73; 3) Jerilyn Alexie, Mount Edgecumbe, 72; 4) Terry Johnson, Anchorage A, 69; 5) Kimberly Clark, Nome, 68.

Boys — 1) Calvin Egoak, LKSD, 86 inches; 2) Judah Eason, Ninilchik, 84; 3) Lucas Aningayu, Bering Straits, 84; 4, Axel Tretkkokkof, Anchorage A, 81; 5) Virgil Kapotak, Anchorage B, 80.

Eskimo stick pull

Girls — 1) Ashley Hoglund, Mat-Su A; 2) Monica Ishnook, SWRS; 3) Autumn Randazzo, Anchorage A; 4) Madison Ortega, Mat-Su B; 5) Miya Page, Kotzebue.

Boys — 1) Oneahi Talaiasi, Barrow; 2) Haley Osborne, Mount Edgecumbe; 3) Matt Faoasua, Unalaska; 4) Jamal Alstrom, LYSD; 5) Matt Grothe, Mat-Su A.

Scissor broad jump

Girls — 1) Madeline Ko, Mat-Su A, 30 feet, 1 inch (NYO and world record; previous record, Ko, 29-6.25, 2016 NYO); 2) Kaye Gumera, Unalaska, 29-4; 3) Crystalynn Tula'i, Barrow, 27-6; 4) Emily Pomaranke, Nome, 27-4; 5) Catherine Sunny, Mount Edgecumbe, 26-10.25.

Boys — 1) Kaiden Jimenez, Mat-Su A, 35-4.75; 2) Arctic Ivanoff, Bering Straits, 35-2.25; 3) Jon Villena, Unalaska, 35-2; 4) Orlin Gologergen, Mount Edgecumbe, 34-10.25; 5) Merlin White, LKSD, 33-6.

One-hand reach

Girls — 1) Joeli Carlson, Bethel, 58 inches; 2) Chantal Snyder, LKSD, 58; 3) June Tuluk, Chevak, 54; 4) Tara Agwiak, LYSD, 54; 5) Kaye Gumera, 54.

Boys — 1) Braden Dallman, Aniak, 65; 2) Brian Conwell, Unalaska, 64; 3) Virgil Kapotak, Anchorage A, 64; 4) Brandon VanLandingham, West Valley, 64; 5) Jake Smith, Mat-Su A, 62.

Two-foot high kick

Girls — 1) Madeline Ko, Mat-Su A, 76 inches; 2) Julianne Wilson, Kenaitze, 76; 3) Terry Johnson, Anchorage A, 72; 4) Kaye Gumera, Unalaska, 70; 5) Tara Agwiak, LYSD, 66.

Boys — 1) Noah Brown, Mat-Su A, 92; 2) Trevor Wilson, Unalaska, 90; 3) Kaden Jimenez, Mat-Su B, 90; 4) Isaiah Charles, LKSD, 86; 5) Brandon VanLandingham, West Valley, 86.

Overall athlete

Male: Kaiden Jimenez, Mat Su Team B

Female: Kaye Gumera, Unalaska

Sportsmanship awards

Male: Isaiah Charles, Lower Kuskokwim

Female: Madi Ko, Mat-Su

Healthy Coach Award: Nick Hanson

Final team standings

1. Mat-Su A team

2. Unalaska

3. Anchorage A

4. Lower Kuskokwim

5. Mount Edgecumbe.


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