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Unalaska Police Blotter

October 25th, 2013 | Staff Reporter Print this article   Email this article  

As told by the public safety officers of Unalaska. Any charges reported in these statements are accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty.

Oct. 6

Ambulance Request - EMS personnel provided care for a patient who was outside the clinic waiting for on-call medical staff to arrive.

Assistance Rendered - Officer responded to a medical emergency.

Assault - Fisherman reported having been assaulted while at sea, several days earlier. An officer took a statement from the man and turned the investigation over to Alaska State Troopers.

Noise Disturbance - Caller reported hearing what sounded like a revving engine, perhaps from a stuck vehicle. The responding officer found a young man riding a motorcycle on a makeshift track in his back yard.

Warrant Arrest - Reynaldo Sidro, 41, was arrested on an outstanding bench warrant for Failure to Appear and Failure to Comply after an off-duty officer recognized him in a passing vehicle.

Assistance Rendered - A previously inebriated man who had been evicted from a hotel asked for an officer to help him obtain his belongings from the hotel. An officer did so.

Traffic Crime - An anonymous caller reported an erratic driver. Officers located the suspect driver and determined she was not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Alarms - Automated alarm following a brief power outage.

Assault - Officers responded to a report that a fight had just occurred in the parking lot of a hotel and spoke with several witnesses and participants. Two men had indeed been fighting in the parking lot over "fisherman stuff." One man had minor injuries and neither wished to pursue charges.

Trespass - Two men involved in a fight outside the hotel were issued trespass advisements.

Welfare Check - Caller asked officers to check on a man who might not be eating and might be shy. Officers found the man camped out in a parking lot; he assured them he was eating and was simply waiting for a job on a fishing boat.

Oct. 7

Theft - Several power tools, valued at about $4000, were stolen from a work site sometime during the previous few days. Employee at the work site and several other people were interviewed regarding the theft. Under investigation.

Theft - Gas station employee reported a driver had left without paying his $83 fuel bill? Officers contacted the suspect driver, who readily agreed to pay his bill and expressed his frustration with the gas station's inability to notify customers that the credit card machines at the pumps don't work.

Burn Permit

Traffic Crime - An anonymous caller reported a man without a valid driver's license had just purchased and was driving a vehicle. Under investigation.

Traffic Crime - Two men without valid licenses, who admitted they drove to UDPS to visit a prisoner, were advised they would be arrested if either of them were seen driving again.

Lost Property - An aluminum box, approximately 1 foot by 3 feet, containing a green grate and a tow strap, fell out of a pickup.

Summons - Officer attempted to serve a summons for a commercial fishing violation on a man whose boat is no longer in port.

Suspicious Person/Activity - Caller reported a possibly intoxicated driver before recognizing the driver as someone who simply drives poorly. An officer contacted the suspect driver, confirmed that neither alcohol nor drugs were at issue and warned the driver to operate the vehicle more carefully in the future.

Drunk Disturbance - Officer responded to a residence wherein a drunken tenant was having problems with her drunken landlord. An officer advised the landlord, who wanted his obstreperous tenant removed, that he needed to follow approved eviction procedures for that to happen.

Assistance Rendered - Officers stood by with a young girl who was crying and seemed to be lost, until her mother arrived on scene.

Taxi Violation - Taxi driver told police she had photographed another taxi driver parking in a handicapped parking space, and said the suspect driver had flipped her off and called her... names. An officer reviewed the picture and determined the suspect driver was not in fact in a handicapped parking space. The two drivers were admonished about operating their commercial enterprises in a mature fashion.

Oct. 8

Assault - Officers responded to the residence of the drunken landlord and his tenant, wherein the landlord claimed to have been awakened by his tenant pounding on his testicles. Officers determined the incident had not happened as described, and again encouraged the landlord to follow eviction procedures if he found his tenant too unruly.

Assault - A woman reported she had gone outside to walk near the beach and smoke when she was approached by an unidentified man and his dog. The man asked her business and then punched her in the face before continuing on his perambulation along the bay. Officers contacted a possible suspect but were unable to identify the assailant.

Burn Permit

Animal - Caller reported a dead bird in the roadway.

Missing Person - Several officers combed Standard Oil Hill looking for a young boy who had a special pass to get off the school bus there today, but who could not be found in the area. The boy was found some time later near his own residence, in another part of town entirely.

Welfare Check - Officers responded to the residence of dipsomaniac siblings regarding an alleged assault, and found the brothers too inebriated to be able to explain what did or did not ensue in their home. Neither brother was injured and both were advised that future such calls could result in one of them being jailed.

Domestic Disturbance - Officers responded to another household of dipsomaniacs, wherein one drunken male landlord was upset about the way his inebriated female tenant kept the common areas of the house. The two residents and the woman's guest continued to yell at one another from behind closed doors but indicated that their dispute was no more than verbal.

Ambulance Request - EMS personnel provided care and transport for one inebriated sibling after he complained of pain first on his left side then on his right side.

Assistance Rendered - Officer assisted EMS personnel with a patient.

Assistance Rendered - Officer responded to the clinic to stand by with a staff member who was helping a patient get back to his home.

Domestic Disturbance - Officer returned to the household of the drunken landlord and tenant, where the tenant's drunken guest was trying to leave but couldn't find his jacket. The guest, who was rather upset about the officer's use of a flashlight in the darkened residence, was later quite impressed when the officer was able to find the guest's jacket and return it to him.

Oct. 9

Commercial Vehicle - Officer spoke with a transport company representative about ensuring that the company's truck-trailer combinations were properly configured.

Animal - Loose dog, impounded and returned to owner.

Public Safety - Duane H. Crimmins completed sex offender registration as required by law.

Public Safety - PCR staff reported a vehicle had been abandoned in their parking lot. An officer contacted the owner, who said the vehicle was disabled, and advised her to have it moved forthwith.

Taxi Violation - Anonymous complaint about a taxi operating with an inoperable parking light. An officer located the suspect vehicle, which was parked with an out-of-service sign in the windshield.

Theft - A woman reported that her male friend had given her jewelry and perfume the previous night, and said items along with her iPhone had been stolen two mornings later. After reviewing video footage officers spoke with the male friend, who admitted to taking back the items he had given his gal, along with her phone. Both parties were satisfied with the return of their respective belongings.

Animal - Anonymous caller expressed concern about the care being given to a dog and its constant howling. An officer contacted the pet owner's son about the complaint, and observed that the dog in question was quiet and appeared to be in good health.


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