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OPINION: Letter to the Editor

March 22nd, 2013 | Will Kohuk Print this article   Email this article  

Dear Bristol Bay Times editor,

My name is William Kohuk and I've been studying House Bill 96, Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products. As a young delegate at the Alaska Youth for Environmental Action (AYEA), I can tell you what toxins can do to your children and that goes for all of us? Toxic chemicals are most likely to be found in most baby products. The young infants who put their teeth into their toys are most likely to suck those horrible toxic chemicals into their bodies. As we know, the companies need to ban these chemicals or start labeling these products.

I want to protect future generations of Alaskans and my own children. Children should be able to grow up healthy and in a safe environment free of harmful chemicals. HB96, "Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products," is a bill to really focus and do research on. I urge you to help pass this bill and save future generations of Alaska.


Will Kohuk, Togiak

Age 17


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