Fish-buying women from around the world come to Unalaska

Feb 16th 2:10 pm By Laine Welch

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute hosts buyers' gathering

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Opinion: Fake or real? Critical reading and research keep us from spreading propaganda

February 16th 1:14 pm

This Monday we, as a state and a nation, will celebrate Presidents Day, a day many in America feel more conflicted about than they usually would, given the tumultuous nature of the current political climate in this country. Chances are good that on Monday, [...]

Opinion: Lawmakers need to set scandals aside, get down to critical business

February 9th 6:11 pm

The revolving door of resigning rural legislators continues this week with the news that Bethel lawmaker Rep. Zach Fansler was accused of slapping a woman in his hotel room. Fansler resigned Friday, though criminal charges had not been filed when he made the [...]

Opinion: Commit to giving back to your community in 2018

February 9th 6:10 pm

GCI opened its doors for business in 1979 and has been serving Alaskans with long distance, cable, internet and wireless service ever since. But GCI is more than just Alaska's technology leader, we are a company founded and operated by Alaskans. We are [...]

Millennials spending more on food than past generations

February 9th 6:10 pm

Millennials are now the nation's "peak spenders" and they are gravitating toward healthier eating which favors more seafood. "We see year over year that there is this cohort aged 35 to 54 that is going to be spending far more across categories, including [...]

Opinion: If Ambler road is built, say farewell to the Upper Kobuk

February 9th 6:09 pm

I do not permanently live in the Northwest Arctic any longer, but still visit it frequently to carry on old friendships and enjoy the land and rivers that are forever a part of me. A good portion of that land and many of the rivers are about to meet their [...]

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Fish-buying women from around the world come to Unalaska

February 16th 1:10 pm

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute hosts buyers' gathering

Cod caught quickly

February 16th 1:23 pm

The Bering Sea federal trawl cod fishery closed in what may be record time on Feb. 11, just 22 days after the Jan. 20 opener, according to National Marine Fisheries Service Biologist Krista Milani in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. "I wouldn't be surprised if it's [...]

Mining opponents celebrate EPA's decision

February 16th 1:26 pm

Agency suspends its withdrawal of proposed watershed protections

Where are the Yukon chinook salmon headed?

February 16th 1:21 pm

Fish biologist helps create map of where state's rarest salmon return to spawn

Manokotak rescue team recovers missing traveler unharmed

February 16th 1:24 pm

Troopers stress importance of being prepared for mishap on every snowmachine trip

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