Public works director ponders future of trash disposal in Dillingham

Apr 21st 12:15 pm By Lawrence Hamilton, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

Bristol Bay hub is running out of places to store trash

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Opinion: Earth Day a great opportunity to remember what's really important

April 20th 7:34 pm

Earth Day is sort of like Mother's Day or Valentine's Day — it's one of those times when we lavish attention and love on something or someone we know we should be honoring every day, really. Instead, we try to condense a year's worth of attention into [...]

Salmon numbers look good as Bristol Bay chills

April 20th 7:29 pm

A brighter outlook for Alaska's upcoming salmon season just got even better. Markets are looking good, the statewide salmon catch forecast of 204 million is up by a million fish, and the world's biggest sockeye salmon fishery at Bristol Bay is breaking [...]

Opinion: Support the University of Alaska

April 14th 1:43 pm

It is time to speak up to support the University of Alaska. By 2025, 65 percent of the jobs in Alaska will require some form of postsecondary education. The last time this was measured, just 37 percent of Alaskans held a degree and only 50 percent had some [...]

Opinion: Journalism essential to democracy by creating well-informed citizens

April 14th 1:43 pm

This week, Art Cullen won a Pulitzer prize. You've probably never heard Cullen's name before — he's not likely to be quoted in the New York Times or the guest on a late night talk show covering modern-day politics. Cullen is the editor of a small, [...]

Fishermen prepare for electronic monitoring

April 14th 1:40 pm

Automation is coming to Alaska fishing boats in the form of cameras and sensors to track what's coming and going over the rails. Starting next year, Electronic Monitoring systems (EM) can officially replace human observers as fishery data collectors on [...]

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A fighter jet lost an engine above the Bering Sea. A voice from afar guided the pilot to safety.

April 22nd 3:00 am

When a fighter jet lost an engine over the Bering Sea last summer, the quick thinking of an Anchorage air traffic controller hundreds of miles away helped bring two U.S. Marine pilots home safe, and earned the controller a national award last month.

Alaska gives Pebble OK for work

April 22nd 3:07 am

The state of Alaska says it has taken hundreds of public comments to heart and will require developers of the stalled Pebble mine to do extensive cleanup and monitoring this summer — and to commit $2 million to ensure disturbed land is eventually [...]

Military exercise brings unease to coastal towns

April 22nd 2:59 am

A massive military exercise will return this spring to the Gulf of Alaska, and so is the controversy over its environmental impacts. Northern Edge, a biennial training exercise led by the Alaskan Command, is scheduled for May 1-12 in the waters, skies and [...]

Tusty not so trusty, say Southwest fishing communities

April 22nd 3:04 am

Delayed sailing (again) this spring is creating hardships and added costs for communities ahead of a summer swell of activity and fishing. The Department of Transportation announced this month that the M/V Tustamena would be delayed getting back into [...]

Lake and Pen students meet for academics, athletics in Newhalen

April 22nd 3:06 am

The annual Athletic and Academic meet brought together students who share a bond in their isolation. Nine schools comprise the Lake and Pen School District and distances aren't measured by bus trips, but by airplane rides. The northernmost point of the [...]

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