Dillingham residents weigh in on veteran health care

Aug 28th 6:31 pm By Molly Dischner

Rural Alaskans face challenges under Choice Act, attendees say

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Tracing spillways of an ancient Alaska lake

September 4th 1:40 am

Many years ago, geologists stood on the bank of the Copper River and watched Childs Glacier thunder icebergs straight into the river. Using a little imagination, one researcher remarked how an advance of the glacier could seal off the big river. He [...]

West Coast under attack of 'The Blob'

September 4th 1:39 am

Most immediate impact is on the ocean's circulation Fish deaths, drought in California, tropical creatures appearing in cold waters — these freakish happenings and more are being blamed on a giant splotch of warm water that for two years has been [...]

Opinion: Arctic oil and climate change

September 4th 1:35 am

One morning in the fall of 2001, I was examined skeptically by a table of Iƃ±upiat business leaders in a hotel coffee shop, sizing me up to determine if they would assist me in writing a book about climate change. They wanted to know if I was an anti-oil [...]

Opinion: We're not acting fast enough

September 4th 1:33 am

There is nothing like a visit from the president and dozens of high-ranking federal officials and international dignitaries, all wanting to talk about climate change in Alaska, to make us feel special. After decades of stamping our feet for attention, [...]

Obama should see country rural Alaskans know

August 28th 5:28 pm

Kotzebue — In this town rumors swirl worse than any tidal currents.

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Secretary Kerry focused on Arctic issues

September 4th 1:52 am

Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters Sunday evening that he understands the Alaska has reservations about federal involvement, perhaps with good reason. But as chair of the Arctic Council for the next two years, and backed by a president who takes the [...]

'Combat fishing' crowds rile residents in Unalaska

September 4th 1:51 am

Locals also report aggressive driving on Summer Bay Road

Enlow sprints to top-ten finish

September 4th 1:53 am

Three Unalaska boys post personal records

Relocation riddle stymies villages

September 4th 1:54 am

Presenters talk about challenges facing efforts to relocate eroding communities

Finkenbinder named teacher of the year

September 4th 1:55 am

"Love what you do. Love on those kids. Fight for your kids. Find that 'something special' that intrinsically motivates a kids' curiosity and willingness to learn." These are the words of wisdom from the 2014-2015 Southwest Region School District Teacher of [...]

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